Welcome to the Mothership

What is the Mothership?

EurActiv is a WordPress multisite installation, or WPMU.  In WPMU, you can create multiple websites that share a single WordPress installation. The advantage of taking this route is that we can build easy linkages between websites that are otherwise quite separate. However, the first website created in WPMU is special; in short it is the website from which all of the others are created. The Mothership is what we in EurActiv call the first website.

We use the mothership as a hub for our other websites. For example, the mothership contains a number of functions that manage our shared media library or translation relationships.

Most importantly to you, the end-user, is that the Mothership is a useful location to keep documentation, such as instructions and style guides. Or even, maybe, an intranet?

I’ve found a bug or want a new feature…

If you are having an issue with the website, please report a bug in the issue tracker.  Your IT Team will follow these issues and provide feedback there.

I am looking for instructions on how to…

Technical documentation (how to write, publish…) is located in the category HOWTO, featured in the sidebar to the left.

You can also check out the style guide posts.

I found a mistake in a How-To / I want a new How-To

You’ve got two options:

  • If you can, fix it or write one yourself!
  • Submit an issue to request that IT writes/fixes the tutorial